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Exceptional Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Specialists

Irrigation Specialists & Landscape Lighting, LLC has spent the last 18 years making Fort Myers, Naples, and Bonita Springs more beautiful.

We work hard to design and maintain irrigation systems for local residential customers. Our Residential Irrigation Maintenance expertise is second to none and we work daily to ensure we provide the best in customer service and satisfaction.

Valve Locating

Irrigation Specialists

Irrigation systems are typically divided into several zones. Each zone is controlled by a valve that receives signals from a central controller. Constant on/off valve cycles create wear and tear over time, making valve maintenance inevitable.

Some valves are located above ground, usually near the location of the source pipe. In this case, finding the valve is quite easy.

Other times valves are located inside one or more in-ground valve boxes. Since the covers of these boxes rest at ground level, these are also usually easy to spot.

Finding underground valves and valve boxes is more complicated, however. This usually entails checking system documentation, system probing, and more.

Regardless of where your valves lie, count on the Irrigation Specialists to help you locate and service your irrigation valves!

valve locating - residential irrigation maintenance
wire tracking - residential irrigation maintenance

Wire Tracking

Irrigation Specialists

Tracking irrigation wires is a similar process to that of valve locating, and is also dependent on the location of the wires. In automatic irrigation systems, the wires normally run alongside the PVC piping to the location of the irrigation valve.

When it comes to tracking irrigation system wires, trust the Irrigation Specislists!

Mainline Repairs

Irrigation Specialists

While different parts of your irrigation system may need replacing throughout the years, the system overall usually lasts for upwards of 20 years. The Irrigation Specislists can service, repair or replace all types of irrigation mainlines, from small solvent weld PVC pipes to HDPE piping and mechanical joint fittings.

mainline repairs - residential irrigation maintenance
system programming - residential irrigation maintenance

System Programming

Irrigation Specialists

The Irrigation Specialists can program your irrigation and sprinkler systems to run automatically, ensuring that your property is always looking in top shape. Let us make your yard the greenest in town!