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Professional Residential Landscape Lighting

Irrigation Specialists

The Irrigation Specialists understand how important it is for your landscaping to look just as beautiful at night as it does during the day. Using only the highest quality products, our knowledgeable staff ensure your property has the most appealing lighting available. We design superior outdoor landscape lighting for home owners all across Southwest Florida.

We will be your full service lighting partner. And best of all — our service does not stop there. We will continue to maintain your outdoor lighting system so that it remains in picture perfect condition. Never change another light bulb again!

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Light Up Your Home

Irrigation Specialists

Well-executed night lighting should complement the lighting inside your home. Your patio, pool, and pathways should all be well-lit for evening entertaining, dining, or relaxing. In addition to visual appeal, good landscape lighting is also a great way to add more safety and security to your property.

Let us enhance the outdoor setting of your home in ways you never imagined. Call us today at (239) 204-5101 and let us make your landscape shine!

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