Service Agreement

Irrigation Service Agreement

Irrigation Service Agreement

Irrigation Specialists & Landscape Lighting offers our customers two annual service contracts. Benefits of an annual service contract include discounted service rate of $85.00-$120.00/hr. (Depending on the option chosen), a 10% discount on parts, and prioritized scheduling for repairs.


Agreement Options

1. Monthly and Bimonthly – $85.00/hr. Monitoring your system.
2. Semiannual or Quarterly – $120.00/hr. Monitoring your system.


Included in Every Maintenance Service

Adjust watering days and start time if needed in compliance with Florida Statutes.
Inspecting and cleaning the main line water filter (if installed)
Testing each zone and valve to ensure that every sprinkler is working correctly.
Adjust sprinkler spray patterns so that the lawn and gardens are watered properly.
Clearing any blocked sprinkler nozzlesInspecting for leaks and dry spots in the lawn
Testing drip and micro irrigation zones (if installed)
Testing rain sensor (if installed)
Informing you of any necessary repairs and their associated cost.

Irrigation Specialists realize that most homeowners are busy and cannot always be home when we come by to service their system. We ask all service contract customers to choose a preauthorization level for additional repairs.

Please sign and return your contract to Once your contract is received and payment has been made Irrigation Specialists will automatically schedule your service. For us to be as efficient as possible, we schedule these services by neighborhood. We will contact you in advance with your scheduled date and remind you to allow us access to your community and yard if you will not be home.

Irrigation Service Agreement
I, , request enrollment in the following one-year (12-month) contract with Irrigation Specialists & Landscape Lighting, LLC. for the following amount (check one):

How Often Do You Want This Service
How many zones

In addition, I preauthorize Irrigation Specialists to make additional repairs, if necessary, up to the following amount. (Initial)

Please note: This price does not include our hourly rate
$0.00- Irrigation Specialists are authorized only to turn on or walk through the system and not to make any repairs without the homeowner’s permission. This can be the costliest plan because it may require additional trip charges if we must come back to make repairs after they are authorized.

$150.00 – Irrigation Specialists is authorized to make any repairs necessary up to $150.00. Generally, this covers any sprinkler head and minor leak repairs necessary and covers most of all service calls.

$300.00 – Irrigation Specialists is authorized to make any repairs necessary up to $300.00. Generally, this covers valve damage or some leaks.

Unlimited – Irrigation Specialists are authorized to make all repairs necessary to maintain the irrigation system. This is the best value because no additional trip charges will be incurred for the return trip.

Terms of Service:
  • Price of the contract only includes the first hour of labor per service. Materials and additional labor will be billed separately, labor at the rate of $85.00-$120.00/hour   (Dependent on the option chosen).
  • Contract will automatically renew unless canceled by the customer 30 days prior to renewal.
  • Invoices are due and payable upon receipt.